4 options for Grades 7/8 in our district - watch the video!

The forum included a recap of the middle school visioning workshop in June, and then presented 4 options - including estimated costs - for what we might do with grades 7 and 8 and the buildings that currently house them. This was followed by a Q&A period.

We welcome you to view the video and presentation materials (links below), and prepare to attend upcoming board meetings on Sept 19 and Oct 10 if you are interested in the ongoing discussion.

If you wish to provide feedback to the board beyond the limited time allotted at board meetings, we have set up an email address related specifically to this project: [email protected]. Please note that emails sent to this address will automatically feed into a public, view-only document -- the public will be able to see your letter. To view these letters, click http://bit.ly/2KcgHIy.  Alternately, we invite you to send email or call school board members using the all-board email address [email protected] (note: Emails from the public are read and added to the wide mix of information being collected by the architects, Board members, and staff who are making recommendations and decisions. While we will not answer messages, all correspondence is read and considered!)


Presentation:  Located on wwsu.org, in the “Bond Project” area under “project documents.”

Direct link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2uQwDkbPKEVdk5NdTR0MkQ0QXlxQXdENEtXSHlrTFRnREZV/view

Video (thank you MRV Public Access TV!):  https://mrvtv.com/category/school-board-meetings/

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