Consultant Needed: Professional Development Provider

The Harwood Unified Union School District seeks a professional development provider to offer staff development for middle school teachers in brained-based and personalized learning design once a month during after-school meetings. Outcomes must include increasing teachers’ capacity to:

  • Apply brain-based learning research to increase student engagement;

  • Develop a growth-mindset culture;

  • Use strategies that help students share their strengths, challenges, preference and needs in how they access and process information, engage with content and concepts, and express what they know and understand;

  • Develop and implement student goal setting, student-led conferencing, and exhibitions of learning

Preference will be given to providers who have already developed learning modules aligned with these outcomes.

Please submit a letter of intent and resume to:

Shannon Lessley
Harwood Unified Union School District Director of Curriculum
[email protected]