District Plan/Bond Project


Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) revived efforts to develop a proposed bond for Harwood Union School in spring 2018. Previous work on this had been tabled in 2015, when the district’s six towns became involved in the Act 46 merger process. Originally, work on a new PreK through 12 district plan, or redesign, had been set aside in deference to moving the bond forward. However, at its March 13, 2019, meeting, the Board adopted a resolution stating that PreK through 6 and Middle School questions could not be decoupled from the Harwood school bond; therefore any plan put before the voters for the amount to be bonded must be for PreK through 12. The Board subsequently approved a timeline that includes adopting a district model in time to warn a bond vote for Town Meeting Day 2020. Documents relevant to PreK through 12 district configuration and building changes and construction needs, including any to be addressed through bond work, will be housed on this page.


We welcome your thoughts about the district plan and bond work. Engagement opportunities will be built into the process. Community members can provide input during the public comment section of our regular board meetings, by emailing the board at [email protected], or by contacting school board members directly. Their contact information can be found here: HUUSD Board Members.

We also have a designated email address for this project: [email protected]. Please note that emails sent to this address will automatically feed into a public, view-only document -- the public will be able to see your letter. To view these letters, click this link


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The Harwood Bond Project Committee (aka Executive Facility Committee) wants your feedback on the four middle school options. 

We want to thank you for your involvement and share what's next!