School Voting Changes This Year

Jan 27, 2017 By Angela Young 0 Comment(s)

Voting and discussion meetings for the HUUSD unified school budget will look different for some communities this year.  The biggest change for some is voting by Australian ballot. The Australian ballot system is defined by Merriam Webster as follows:  an official ballot printed at public expense on which the names of all the candidates and proposals appear and which is distributed only at the polling place and marked in secret.  Put in other words, citizens vote privately and do not discuss it at town meeting. This March, all citizens in our district will vote for the school district budget in this way. 

Waterbury, Duxbury and Moretown have voted by Australian ballot for years, and for people in these communities this part of the process will not seem different. However, Fayston, Waitsfield, and Warren have voted on school budgets and engaged in discussion at the same time, all “on the floor” at town meeting. 

This leads us to the second major change that will be seen by all communities: School budget meetings.  There will be ONE budget meeting covering the entire district on the evening before voting day (Monday, March 6, 2017, 6:00 pm at Harwood Union High School). This is the place where discussion can take place and questions can be answered.  We are hopeful to see people from all of our communities at this meeting and engaging to understand the budget proposal we will put before the community. 

For more information about this process, to see notes and materials from budget development meetings, and for lots of other board-related information please visit the HUUSD web page at:

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